iSENSE Version 4.0

The iSENSE team has been working hard to improve website usability and deliver highly requested features. You asked, and we listened. Check out some of our new features:

  • Contribution Keys: Users without iSENSE accounts can contribute data with a contribution key. A contribution key is like a password created by project owners and distributed to users without accounts who seek to contribute data. Teachers eager to use iSENSE in the classroom without hassling students to create or use iSENSE accounts will find this feature useful. More information regarding contribution keys will be posted in a tutorial.

  • Restrictive text fields: Users can specify a list of predefined choices for text fields. The primary purpose of restrictive texts fields is to make grouping data easier. Users can create restrictive text fields by entering a comma separated list of acceptable text items in the restrictions column when editing fields.

  • Tooltips: Navigating iSENSE just became easier with tooltips. Tooltips are hints users can view by simply hovering over items, such as buttons and search bars, on the website. If you have suggestions for additional tooltips, please let us know.

  • Default visualizations: Project owners can select a default visualization that is best suited to represent project data.

  • New visualization table: The new visualization table loads larger datasets fast, allows you to search per field, and looks clean and polished.

  • User Interface Tweaks: All project options can be found by clicking the Edit button on a project's page.

  • Backend improvements: We are now backed by a testing suite.

iSENSE accounts now require a valid email address. If you have not already done so, please update your account with a valid email address. Accounts without emails have automatically been given an email in the form We ask for your email address to help you better manage your account.

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