v5.7 and the Future of iSENSE
iSENSE v5.7 is released. This version introduces a check-all box for y-axis values on all visualizations as well as bug fixes and UI tweaks.

Looking ahead, the iSENSE website development team plans to deliver several new features:

  • A new and improved manual entry table and associated date/time pickers to make manually uploading data a seamless experience
  • Defaults for visualizations giving you the ability to customize your data analysis
  • Pie chart visualization, which offers you another way to analyze your data
  • Video tutorials to guide you in getting the most from your iSENSE experience
  • A new homepage that clearly illustrates what iSENSE is all about
  • The ability to login with your Gmail account
  • Bug fixes, UI tweaks, and more!
Stay tuned...
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