iSENSE v5.10 Release

iSENSE v5.10 introduces new features for pie charts and summary visualizations as well as improvements to our text editor, Summernote, and visualizations.

Analysis Types for Pie Charts

Pie charts just got a more powerful with analysis types. Like on bar charts, you can now analyze the total, maximum, minimum, mean (average), median, and row count of your data on pie charts.

New Features for Summary Visualizations

You can now save and set defaults on summary visualizations, and we now also support data grouping on summary visualizations to provide you even more ways to display your data.

SVG Images Supported in Summernote

Our text editor, Summernote, now supports uploading SVG images.

In addition to all these wonderful new features, this release offers many improvements to visualization, project creation, and our text editor UI.

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