More User Information
The release of iSENSE 8.0 brings you a new user system. This new user system replaces our old user system that we build with a more powerful open source system that has allowed us to more easily integrate Google Account sign in into iSENSE along with a lot of new features behind the scenes.

Google Sign-in Support
If you have a Google Account you also have an iSENSE Account without having to do any extra work. If you already had an iSENSE account and you used your Gmail to create it, then signing in with Google will sign you into that existing account. This also means that you will not need to reset your password, you can just sign in with Google instead.

Password Reset
We reset all the passwords when we moved to our new user system so that there was no chance of any passwords being leaked during the move. For everyone who does not have an iSENSE account that was created using a gmail address, or if you did create it with gmail but want to also have the ability to sign in with an iSENSE password instead of using the sign in with Google feature, you will need to request a new password using the "forgot password" link on the sign in page. You will recieve an email with a link that will allow you to create a new password.

If you run into an issue setting up a new password please email Professor Fred Martin at [email protected]. Please add "iSENSE Password Issue" to the subject line of the email.