Release v8.0
This release has three major features that result in a new major version.

Devise User System
Devise is an external system that we have integrated into iSENSE in order to better manage our user information. Devise also allowed us to add Google Sign in to iSENSE so new users can create an account using their Google Account.

Formula Fields
The formula fields feature introduces an entire new type of field to iSENSE that is separate from the traditional data fields. With formula fields, users can do mathematical computation on their data fields and display the results in a new field that can be used in visualizations. This feature is extremely useful in many experiments because interesting results are often discovered after calculations as opposed to looking at raw data. A great use case is measuring the diameter and circumference of a circle and creating a formula field circumference/diameter to reveal pi.

Timeline Period
This feature allows users to select a period for example yearly and then see their data displayed on a January to January timeline so that you can side by side compare timelines from different years. 
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