iSENSE Version 3.2, Looking Ahead

Happy New Year Everyone!

This is primarily a bug fix release. The main change you'll notice is the index pages for browsing projects, visualizations, and tutorials got a facelift. They now should be much harder to break (previously clicking on the search buttons too fast, or resizing the window certain ways caused issues). We have also switched to using pages of results instead of slowly loading everything available, which should make things is a bit snappier. Finially, we now do some validation of data on file upload, so you'll be alerted of things like text showing up in numeric fields.

Looking Ahead

We would like to tell you about some changes in the making over the next month or so:

  • New user account requirements. Emails are going to become required, both for consistency and password reset reasons. Don't worry if you use email-less accounts to contribute data - read on.
  • Data "contribution keys." These are essentially passwords that will allows somone who is or is not logged in to contribute data sets to a project, even if the project is locked. We hope that this will allow more control over projects and contributions, which many of you have been asking for. This also allows non-users to contribute data (such as in a classroom environment). No need for email-less accounts anymore. If a non-user contributes a data set, it will be owned by the project owner.
  • Project field restrictions. When creating a project, you will be able to restrict what values can go in a text field by specifying a comma-separated list of accepted values. This should help keep erroneous values out of text fields intended as specific labels, such as poll results or hurricane classifications.
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