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Among other utilities that your smartphone can have is that of getting you out of some trouble related to languages. For example if you travel abroad and need to communicate in another language or if you do not understand how to program your VHS to record your favorite Emilio Aragón program.

And all thanks to the translation apps for Android that you can download for free on your smartphone or tablet. There are many and of all kinds, but perhaps the one that most sounds to you is the Google Translate online. Most of all because surely you have used it a hundred thousand times or more when looking for how one says this in English, German, French or Basque.

An Android translator for dozens of languages
Since the first version of this translation application was launched, its evolution and correction of deficiencies have been constant. Today we are one of the best apps to translate text and voice , since the number of languages ​​and vocabulary supported must be added the speed with which it is able to execute its functions.

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These are its main features and functions:

Translate between 103 languages .
Integrated translation : Touch text in any application to bring up the immediate translation.
Offline translator: more than 52 languages ​​even if you're offline.
Instant translation by photo : using the smartphone camera you can translate words and texts in more than 30 languages.
Bidirectional translation function for conversation mode.
Support for handwriting: draw characters in more than 90 languages.
Highlight and save translations in any language to consult later.
Copy translations to the clipboard or share them with other contacts .
English - Spanish, English - Basque, Spanish - German, Catalan - French ... There are hundreds of possible combinations.

As you can suppose, in front of such amount of supported languages ​​you will find the most spoken of the world and used internationally , like English, Spanish, Chinese, French or German. However, there is also room for other minorities such as Corsican, Creole, Kurdish or Pashtun. In fact you can even translate some dead language, like Latin.

How does Google's offline translation work?
As always we do not have a data connection or a Wi-Fi near to which we can connect, the offline translation function can take us out of some trouble. When installing the app we are asked which is the most commonly used translation, so we download the language we usually use the most.

Anyway we may want to access others, so we must go to the options of the app and select Offline Translation . There we will find all the language packages that we can download for free so as not to have to depend on the Internet when we need to translate a text with urgency.

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