Saved Vis - Does GPS work inside?
Saved Vis - Does GPS work inside?
  • A student wondered what would happened if he left the data walk app running while walking back into the school - he initially questioned whether the app would work somewhere besides the football field

  • When he examined the data on iSENSE, he was pleasantly surprised to find his path had been accurately tracked outside as well as inside the high school

  • It prompted questions like, “where else could the app be used?” and “how else could it used?”

  • Students began thinking outside the scope of this classroom activity when they began visualizing their data

  • It’s possible that because most students are familiar with the “iSENSE apparatus” (aka tablet, computer, Google Maps) on a practical level, they have an easier time understanding how much potential this tool has for collecting data

  • “Oh this is Google Maps!” “Hey, I have an Android phone” “Where else can I get GPS?”

  • Students have intuitive ability with computers - they knew to click the markers on the vis for more information without being told

  • Students may struggle to think about how traditional classroom apparatuses are used in real world science applications because they are not as familiar with the tools
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