12/1/17 | Version 9.6.2
UI Enhancements

This release provides the following new features:

  • View your list of data sets page-by-page instead of loading all at once
  • The sidebar is now hidden by default in mobile view

The following bugs were fixed:

  • Minor style and text fixes

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This release includes a plethora of bug fixes, as well as a few new minor features:

  • The tutorials page has been rewritten and new tutorials have been made
  • The admin-facing user index page has received new controls to filter the displayed users.
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This release contains mostly bug fixes, with one small addition:

  • The "New Project" button is now a Floating Action Button (FAB) is the bottom-right of the Projects index page.

Complete list of fixed issues

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Release v8.2.1 includes many bug fixes, as well as a few new additions:

  • "Disable Selected Point" controls now global to all vises
  • Updated "Meet the Team" page
  • Mouseover tooltips for some vis controls to make things more clear

Complete list of fixed issues

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iSENSE Version 8.2 includes 4 new features and several bug fixes.

  • Delete many data sets at once with the new "Delete Selected" button on the Project page.
  • Vis page not displaying correctly? Reset to the default vis options with the "Reset Defaults" button on the Edit Project page.
  • Disable individual points from the Scatter vis with the "Disable Selected Point" button in the Tools section. Works great to remove outliers from regressions.
  • Share your App Inventor projects with the new .aia media type.
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This release has three major features that result in a new major version.

Devise User System
Devise is an external system that we have integrated into iSENSE in order to better manage our user information. Devise also allowed us to add Google Sign in to iSENSE so new users can create an account using their Google Account.

Formula Fields
The formula fields feature introduces an entire new type of field to iSENSE that is separate from the traditional data fields. With formula fields, users can do mathematical computation on their data fields and display the results in a new field that can be used in visualizations. This feature is extremely useful in many experiments because interesting results are often discovered after calculations as opposed to looking at raw data. A great use case is measuring the diameter and circumference of a circle and creating a formula field circumference/diameter to reveal pi.

Timeline Period
This feature allows users to select a period for example yearly and then see their data displayed on a January to January timeline so that you can side by side compare timelines from different years. 
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The release of iSENSE 8.0 brings you a new user system. This new user system replaces our old user system that we build with a more powerful open source system that has allowed us to more easily integrate Google Account sign in into iSENSE along with a lot of new features behind the scenes.

Google Sign-in Support
If you have a Google Account you also have an iSENSE Account without having to do any extra work. If you already had an iSENSE account and you used your Gmail to create it, then signing in with Google will sign you into that existing account. This also means that you will not need to reset your password, you can just sign in with Google instead.

Password Reset
We reset all the passwords when we moved to our new user system so that there was no chance of any passwords being leaked during the move. For everyone who does not have an iSENSE account that was created using a gmail address, or if you did create it with gmail but want to also have the ability to sign in with an iSENSE password instead of using the sign in with Google feature, you will need to request a new password using the "forgot password" link on the sign in page. You will recieve an email with a link that will allow you to create a new password.

If you run into an issue setting up a new password please email Professor Fred Martin at Please add "iSENSE Password Issue" to the subject line of the email.
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This release has several features along with various bug fixes.

New Group By Option
This is feature for every visualization and allows users to group by contributor.
There is also a new group by option for pie charts that groups by number fields.

Manual Axis Bounds For Scatter
This feature allows user to manually set bounds by typing into text boxes.

Data set name defaults to username and time stamp
When you make a project the dataset name will default to your username and a timestamp.
This ensures that each dataset name is unique. These default names can be changed if the use wishes.
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This release has several features along with various bug fixes.


Visualizations are now fully supported on mobile devices. That means that you have full access to all the visualization tools that you would on your PC.

Project and Visualization Index pages

Project and Visualization index pages have had a makeover. In the last release we introduced Material Design, a UI theme designed by Google. We have extended that theme to the project and visualization cards.

Error Bars are back

The introduction of data filtering had the side effect of breaking error bars on bar chart visualizations. That issue has been addressed.

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There were several bug fixes as well as two major features:

Material Design

Material design was integrated into the site. This can be seen several places including the new buttons, check boxes and radio buttons.

Homepage Re-Design

The homepage redesign changed the look and feel of several aspects of the homepage. These changes can really be seen on the mobile site. The mobile site is now much more user friendly and iSENSE's features can be more easily accessed from the mobile site.

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This week we had two major features that were released into the site.

Data Filtering

This allows users to select a range of values within a data set and save this range so that it can be used across visualizations. For example you can zoom in on a scatter plot and then "Set Current Filters" which makes the data that appeared on the zoomed chart appear on all the other visualizations.

Reordering Fields

Now when editing fields you can drag to reorder them. This new order will appear when looking at the fields in the visualizations.

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