12/1/17 | Version 9.6.2
UI Enhancements

This release provides the following new features:

  • View your list of data sets page-by-page instead of loading all at once
  • The sidebar is now hidden by default in mobile view

The following bugs were fixed:

  • Minor style and text fixes

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With the second release of the summer, the iSENSE team brings new features, bug fixes, and UI tweaks.

Group Photos by Data Set

While viewing multiple data sets you can now group the photos by data set. This makes the photo visualization much more powerful as you can now group and filter photos from different data sets.

Error Bars on Bar Chart

Now you can view error bars on bar chart. An error bar shows you one standard deviation. This allows you to quickly see how much your data varies from the average.

Timestamps are now in your timezone.

Previously all timestamps were in GMT timezone. Now iSENSE converts all timestamps to your local timezone.

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With the first release of the summer, the iSENSE team brings new features, bug fixes, and UI tweaks.

Camera Icon on Map Vis

Data sets containing images now have camera icons on Map Visualizations instead of circles! This complements a previous feature that allows you to view any images a data set has by clicking on a data point on the map. Now when viewing multiple data sets at once it is easy to pick out which ones have images.

Search Data Sets on Project Page

Now you can search for data sets on a project page. This allows you to easily find the data sets that you want!

Zip File Support

You can now upload zip files that contain multiple data sets. This is a useful feature for users who have many files that they want to upload to a project. No more uploading them one at a time!

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The iSENSE team has been working hard to bring you iSENSE v7.0 before our semester comes to a close.

The iSENSE team has been working hard to bring you iSENSE v7.0 before our semester comes to a close. This release offers ground-breaking changes to make collecting, visualizing, and sharing data more intuitive for everyone. Read on to learn more about this release.

Beautiful New Visualization Tools

We take pride in building visualizations that assist you in getting the most from data analysis, and v7.0 offers completely restyled visualization tools to do just that. Visualizing data on iSENSE has never been so easy to do. Visualization tools are now located on the left part of the screen. All the previous visualization configuration options still exist, but they have been restyled (and even improved in some cases).

Advanced Regressions

We have expanded your mathematical analysis toolkit on iSENSE by adding symbolic regressions to Timeline and Scatter visualizations. Under Analysis Tools, simply select "Automatic" as Type, click "Draw Best Fit Line," and watch as iSENSE automagically generates a regression function that best fits your data. Additionally, regression lines now appropriately adjust as you zoom in and out on visualizations.

Edit Fields Page Makeover

Setting up projects is an important part of using iSENSE, and for that reason, we've redone our edit fields page to make your experience seamless. Simply add and delete number, text, timestamp, and location fields as you please, and then save. This new page makes it easy to setup and edit your project's fields.

Stay tuned as the iSENSE team continues to work hard to bring you new features, UI fixes, and more throughout the summer!

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iSENSE has never looked so beautiful. Check here to learn more!

iSENSE v6.7 is out, and the website has never looked so beautiful.

A Brand New Footer

The footer has been re-organized and re-styled to better guide you in navigating iSENSE.

Projects Page Facelift

I spy with my eye... my project! Finding your project on the projects page just got easier. Projects without default images are now displayed with their title as an image to help you quickly find it on the projects page.

Looking ahead...

Stay tuned for more UI updates across the website, new visualization tools, improved regressions, grouping by contributor keys on visualizations, and a more user friendly fields page.

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iSENSE v6.6 offers new bug fixes, UI tweaks, and a new visualization feature -- viewing images on the map visualization!

iSENSE v6.6 offers bug fixes, UI tweaks, and a new visualization feature -- viewing images on the map visualization!

Now, if you upload pictures to a data set, those pictures will appear on the map visualization. Simply click the markers on the map to view the picture associated with that data set. Viewing pictures directly on the map will help you to better analyze your data.

Another visualization update is the addition of a "Get Latest" button to reload a project with all the latest data. This should be a convenient way of refreshing when data sets are continuously being added.

For developers, we've updated the API documentation
page. It now includes code samples and detailed notes for each request.

Stay tuned for new features in the upcoming weeks...

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Over the past couple of weeks, the iSENSE team has been rolling out some great new features, bug fixes, UI tweaks, and API changes.

Over the past couple of weeks, the iSENSE team has been rolling out some great new features, bug fixes, UI tweaks, and API changes. Read on to learn more.

Slickgrid (Manual Entry Data Table) Improvements

Improvements to Slickgrid, our manual entry data table, makes manually contributing data to iSENSE a more seamless experience. Now, units for number fields are shown in the table; ten empty rows are added by default; holding down enter will add one more row of data; and validation messages are more clear and concise. We are working hard to refine Slickgrid to help guide you in manually contributing data.

Histogram as a Stacked Bar of Individual Points

The histogram visualization has been enhanced for small data sets so that each bar is represented as a stack of individual data items. This helps reinforce what a histogram really is: for each bin, a count of data elements that fit into that bin.

KML Layer Support

You can add one KML layer to visualizations. As defined by Google Maps, layers are objects on a map that consist of one or more items. KML layers renders KML or GeoRSS elements onto the map. To use this feature, please go to the projects edit page and paste a link to a KML file under Map Layer. You can host your KML file on iSENSE as a media object if you don’t want to link to a URL that might change.

In addition to these great changes, the page to add and edit fields and the photo visualization have gotten a facelift and images on the visualizations page are now clickable and take you directly to the respective visualization.

Check back soon for more features and enhancements!

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iSENSE v6.0 includes a new data entry table, bug reporting feature, updated contact page, and so much more.

The iSENSE team is proud to introduce iSENSE v6.0. This releases offers several new features, bug fixes, UI tweaks, API changes, and more. Interested in learning about what’s new? Keep on reading!

New Manual Entry Table: Slickgrid

Manually contributing data to iSENSE just got easier with our new data entry table called Slickgrid. Slickgrid makes it easy to add, delete, and edit data. Its very slick (pun intended), easy-to-use interface makes contributing data a seamless experience.

What's great about Slickgrid? It validates all data contributed to projects. For example, it ensures a given latitude and longitude are valid location values. Additionally, Slickgrid makes it easy to enter a timestamp by allowing you to select date and time values on a calendar as shown below.

To use Slickgrid,

1. Go to a project you want to contribute data to.

2. Under Contribute Data, click Manual Entry.

3. Then… Huzzah! You're ready to use Slickgrid.

Click the red "X" to delete rows of data. Click "Add Row" to add a row of data. Click "Save" to save your dataset.

Updated Contact Page

Our contact page got a facelift, AND we’ve added the newest iSENSE members. We are pleased to welcome Samantha Michalka, Anthony Salani, Jason Downing, Jeremy Daigneau, and Tyler Puleo to the team! Visit the contact page to meet our team or get in touch if you're interested in working with us.

Bug Reporting

Have you ever discovered a bug using iSENSE? Maybe a button wasn’t working or a page didn’t load. Or have you ever thought, “I wish could do _______ on iSENSE...”? If the answer to either (or both) of those questions is yes, you’re in luck.

You can now report bugs or suggest features using our new bug reporting feature. The link to report a bug is in the footer as shown below. Simply click this link to begin the bug reporting process.

All bug reports will be posted to our public issue repository on Don't have a GitHub account? No problem! You can still report bugs. However, we advise you not to include personal information, e.g. your name or email, in your bug report because this information will publicly be available on We encourage you to be as specific as possible when filling on the bug reporting form, though.

Select-All Option for Y-Axis Fields on Visualizations

You now have the option to select all y-axis fields by simply checking the "Select-All" checkbox on visualizations.

New API Function

We've added a new function to our API that enables you to add a contributor key to a project. Please see the documentation for more information.

Spring 2015 semester just started, and the iSENSE team is working hard. We have many great features in the queue, so check back soon!

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iSENSE v5.10 introduces new features for pie charts and summary visualizations as well as improvements to our text editor, Summernote, and visualizations.

iSENSE v5.10 introduces new features for pie charts and summary visualizations as well as improvements to our text editor, Summernote, and visualizations.

Analysis Types for Pie Charts

Pie charts just got a more powerful with analysis types. Like on bar charts, you can now analyze the total, maximum, minimum, mean (average), median, and row count of your data on pie charts.

New Features for Summary Visualizations

You can now save and set defaults on summary visualizations, and we now also support data grouping on summary visualizations to provide you even more ways to display your data.

SVG Images Supported in Summernote

Our text editor, Summernote, now supports uploading SVG images.

In addition to all these wonderful new features, this release offers many improvements to visualization, project creation, and our text editor UI.

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iSENSE v5.9 Release - Introducing iSENSE tutorials, enhanced defaults for project visualizations, project search by number, YouTube videos in project descriptions, as well as bug fixes and UI tweaks.

iSENSE Tutorials 

We have added three video tutorials to help you learn how to use iSENSE. Please click the links below to view these tutorials:

Setting Defaults for Visualizations

You can now set default visualization settings to best suit displaying data for a project you own. For example, if data for a project is best displayed on a bar visualization with a number field like temperature on the y axis, you can make this configuration your default for this project's bar visualizations. Every time you visualize data on a bar visualization for this project, temperature will be on the y axis. You can default any visualization setting, such as group by, analysis types, bin size, and so on, on the map, timeline, scatter, bar, histogram, pie, and table visualizations.

Important Note: Group selection (the checkboxes below 'Group By') will not be defaulted.

The control to set defaults for a visualization is in the visualization toolbar as shown below.

Searching for Projects by Project Number

In addition to searching for projects by keyword(s), you can now search for a specific project by its project number. A project’s number can be found on the project’s page under the title and owner as shown below.

If you would like to search for a specific project, go the projects' search bar and type in that project’s number. Search will return one and only one result, and that result will be the project with that project number.

Adding YouTube Videos to Project Descriptions

Now you can add YouTube videos to project descriptions by just pasting the video link in the editor pane. Find a YouTube video you would like to add, copy the link in the address bar, and paste this link directly in a project's editor pane.

This release also offers bug fixes for the table visualizations and a few UI changes for projects and visualizations.

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The iSENSE team has released v5.8 and is excited to introduce the following new features:

Pie Charts

Pie charts offer another “delicious” way to visualize and analyze your data.

Configurable Floating Point Precision for Visualizations

With configurable floating point precision, you can control the precision of your data to make bar and summary visualizations more readable. For example, 2.349874 will appear as 2.35 if you set your project's floating point precision to be 2.

Four is the default number of decimal points, but you can configure precision in a project’s settings. To access a project’s settings, go to the project page, and click the Edit button as shown below.

On the project's settings page, enter a number into the precision input box to set the project's floating point precision.

Better Bin Sizing Controls on Histogram Visualization

Bin sizing controls have been improved to make visualizing data on histograms a more seamless experience. To increase the bin size on a histogram visualization, move the slider to the right. To decrease the bin size, move the slider to the left. You can also manually set the bin size by entering a number into the manual input box.

... and more!

In addition to these wonderful new features, this release offers new bugs fixes for regression tools, bar chart sorting, and field matching as well as UI tweaks on the embedded visualization pages.

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